About Us

how we are?

quality, experience, service, know-how

Our philosophy is the continuous improvement to be in the vanguard and to be leaders by constant improvement, humanized design, good finished product, best term and competitive price, according to quality-price.

Your problems, needs and preferences are our reason to find the best solutions, competitive and at the best price to you.

We share the market requirement and we face them with good logistics and computer support tailored to our needs. We will receive all your ideas, suggestions and commissions with pleasure


Quality is our guarantee and our best ally. All our products pass strictest quality controls. Based on a careful selection of raw materials and a rigorous control of all successive manufacturing processes. Thanks to our specialized and motivated team.


The capacity of our warehouses guarantees immediate and personalized supply at all times

We manufacture custom cold stamping parts starting from sheet, steel sheet or splint according to map or sample up to an effort of 160 Tm.

We also manufacture accessories for METAL FENCES.

close to you

Emiliano Sáiz - Fundador
Emiliano Sáiz

Founder and manager of the company for more than 40 years. Passion, knowledge and experience

María Sáiz - Dirección Comercial
María Sáiz
Directora Comercial

Directora Comercial desde 2004, Licenciada en A.D.E. con MBA en Dirección y Gestión de Pymes

Ángel Sáiz - Gerencia
Ángel Sáiz

En la gerencia desde 2006, MBA Gestión de Proyectos y Procesos Productivos


We are here to innovate and manufacture high quality components to guarantee the best result and highest security


We want to place value on the commitment to quality, innovation and the development of new ideas and working methods in the sector.


We firmly believe in the value of effort, attention to detail and good finish work, innovation and listening to our customers and their needs

our story

more than 40 years with you

1981 - the origin
In 1981 we started our activity in Burgos under INDUSTRIAS SAIZ SL name
1992 - Change of name
To define better our activity we change to HARDWARE SAIZ SL name
1997 - new facilities
We release our current facilities
2004 - generational renewal
After 23 years of history, María and Ángel take over the management of the company
2007 - modernization
We started a modernization process with new catalogues and new website
2008 - commercial expansion
As a PIPE company, through ICEX we are exhibiting at various international fairs such as ZOW Madrid, ZOW Bad Salzuflen (Germany), FIMAP-FERRALIA Porto and we started to export
2010 - new equipment
Acquisition of ELECTROEROSION MACHINE, which represents a breakthrough in the field of die-cutting, one of the pillars of our work
2016 - digital renewal
We renew our program of MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTING AND PRODUCTION to improve the efficiency and costs of our company, and give a personalized response to our clients
2019 - appearance in press
Report in el CORREO DE BURGOS highlighting the path of Emiliano Saiz
2020 - recognitions and awards
We received the FAE AWARD FOR THE TRAJECTORY OF SMES awarded to our founder EMILIANO SAIZ, for all these years at the head of the company. On the occasion of this recognition we appear in the program "Zoom Burgos" of Channel 8. This year the program "Made in CyL" of Channel 7 dedicates us one of its reports.